Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Space Puppy Update Scenes 9-16

Storyboard update for my Layout and Timing/Space Puppy project that was due last Wednesday. I spent a lot of time going through and making sure the backgrounds were consistent, and lots of time trying to explain the actions I wanted to see through key poses. This week in class, we are moving the drawings into Toon Boom Harmony - which is going to make this process a lot more easy in the future. One thing I need to work on a little bit more is explaining hands and feet a bit more. Also, I need to pay a bit more attention to the frame of the composition itself. Some of the drawings are jumbled up from class - camera moves that were suggested, etc



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break

Here's a little bit of what I have been working on this week of Spring Break. For Experimental Animation, I am doing a rotoscope project - which definitely involved me lip-syncing a small meow-rap by The Death Set. Animation III has me working on a scene from my short that involves an attitude-walk (a dance in this case) with an abrupt change at the end.
I also have a goal of trying to finish roughs for every scene of this cow short over break, so more is on the way!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Space Puppy Storybaord Update/Final "Rough"

After lots of feedback, the story is ready to be taken apart by individual scenes for layout, poses, etc. Reworking of scenes 9-16 are due the Wednesday after spring break (2 weeks from today).

Last class I flip-flopped the beginning to give the story better continuity. I also nixed the idea of the rocket ship blasting and visiting from "Earth" - instead, the only planet in the sky is "Jupiter", the planet that gets eaten - creating hopefully less confusion. I also changed the reaction shot of the cat and dog seeing the boss to a wide shot to signify their height relationship (hah, their relationship in SPACE) as well as the shot where we bring the alien close to the ship - now showing a view from the inside of the ship itself - a much needed change in setting.

Two parts that will require a bit extra work by means of cutting back and forth will be the initial "Oh, shit, there are aliens in front of us, eating a planet" reveal in the dog and cat's eyes, as well as at the end when the cat is thinking about what to do in order to save the dog - ending with the "Ah-hah!" moment of the button on his collar.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hardcow Storyboard Update & Rooster Crow Pass 2

New storyboard pass I have been meaning to get off my chest! I feel like it is long overdue, and I definitely feel that I can finally, genuinely get the ball rolling. It's funny, once I break it down like this, I see how simple the story really is - dancing cow dances through a barn and finds a dance opponent - I feel immensely better about tackling it.

Here's an update on the first scene as well as the twisty background/behind the barn from the beginning. It's come a long way since last time (last thumbnails:; first attempt: