Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Hardcow" Storyboard Pass #3

New drawings, and some happy colors thrown in!
I amped it up a bit for a presentation in my Media Arts Seminar Class. Good conversation, and lots of puns followed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exterior Environment Process

 Process post for this Illustration project due Monday. The top is the line-work, the middle is the value study - and the bottom is the start to the watercolor/colored pencil piece! This is unlike anything I've ever done before, but I am glad to be doing it. It was extremely tempting to add more subjects, but I tried to stray away from my 'comfort zone' of characters.

Here is my post with the thumbnails/initial concept of this piece:

Animation to Sound: Keys/Process

First animation project in Animation II! Keys and Extremes. A final push toward a fluid, final animation is on it's way.

In-Class Figure Study and Notes

Day #3: The Union Re-Visit

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Exterior Environment Thumbnails/Basic Comp

Last monday not only marked the first day of Junior year, but also the first day of me taking an Illustration elective-class that I promised myself I'd take after I switched my major from Illustration to Animation at the end of Freshman year. Above are a few of my thumbnails, below is a bigger/more rendered thumbnail - the assignment is to create an exterior environment. The final will be done in watercolors. Currently, I'm completing line-work and doing a value study on a much larger scale. Jungle madness!

UPDATE! Finished piece can be found here:

Day #2: The Union/OSU

Homework #1: 16th Century Breakdown

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In-Class Donald Duck

Hardcow Storyboard Pass #1

Words cannot explain how much my imagination is exploding with excitement to start this.
I have lots more thumbnails in my sketchbook, but this is the basic idea:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Donald Duck Construction Study

I am in fear that I was drawing to loosely for this assignment, but I learned a lot from it. We were instructed to watch a Mickey/Donald cartoon and do at least 10 sketches that deconstructed the forms into construction lines, taking note of the flexible and solid areas.

I must say - watching this and doing this study reminded me of my childhood love for this bipolar sailor-duck. He was always my favorite out of all the classic Disney characters.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to Art School - Cow Sketches and Moo-re!

It feels great to be back at CCAD for the year! I am really stoked on all of my classes, especially Animation II - our first assignment was to create a main-character for our 20-30 second short that we will be working on throughout the year (something that is fairly new to the curriculum... and I couldn't be more excited about). We were told to play with shape variations and think about how different shapes translate to personality. I chose this hard-cow character I've been playing with this summer, since I think she would be hugely fun to animate. The next assignment is to create a rough, first-pass storyboard - expect an updated post about all of that jazz in the near future!

I've got a new blog for my Cafe Sketch class,, and I also am taking an Illustration class... which means I am going to be updating me CCAD Digication site. That thing sure needs a revamp (hopefully me posting this here will help me remember to get on it, asap)

Also, below are a few things I was working on even though I should really just be committing to homework. On the left piece: I saw a poster for a call for "Riot-Girl"-type artwork, that will published in some publication - I thought,  "Why not?" so I started a quick piece that quotes the Sonic Youth song, "Kissability". On the right, I have a piece I'd been working on in a handful of iterations before school started - a quick little advertisement that I thought might be a little plug that could maybe help  keep my design/commission skills sharp while I'm in school. That being said, I have had many people contacting me about lyric-videos: things I really wish I could dedicate the time to, but unfortunately, school really has to come first. I am taking on one of those projects at a time, and am limiting myself to working on them an hour a day.

"Baby shoes: for sale, never worn." -Ernest Hemingway
One of my teachers told us about this short-story Hemingway wrote. The words are simple words someone in grade school easily could write, yet they have such an impact and tell such a complex story. I've been really thinking of it, and definitely think I'll be applying it to life a handful of times this semester. Also - this week, never have I ever seen the CCAD Auditorium so jam-packed as it was the night we all were listening to Stefan Sagmeister talking. It was incredibly inspiring, and I look forward to "The Happy Film".