Saturday, March 29, 2014


updated this:

The Spring Bravo Bash: Final + Process

Had the chance to make this flyer for a local fest that's coming up. Not only was I happy to hear, "make it an alien", but I was also really happy to hear that the lineup was as good as it is. I know lots of the band members and have been meaning to finally catch them. Check out the show next month - it's going to be a good time:

Full Rough Animation + Gif Party

Long time no update. March has been full of animating. Before spring break, I finished all of the rough animation for Space Puppy. Now I'm in maniac cleanup-and-color-mode. Here are the roughs:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Coming in Like a Lambchop

Oh hey, it's March. March comes in like a lion, or out like a lamb - since I've only experienced Ohio Marches, I assume that saying is bologna and March is actually just this GIF-like flux month.

Plugging away at thesis, that is all that I will say. I will probably post a big update next week (bgs + finished animation pass).
Some articles from the past week-plus: