Monday, August 20, 2012

Hardcow Series 1

Welcome to Harcow, Series I. I made 5 designs for 5 different local bands - for the hell of it. I believe in supporting fellow young artists in their attempts to go against the grain and run with what they love to do. We aren't much if we aren't in this together, and supporting one another - the music scene is a community that I feel a lot of people underestimate and look over. Growing up going to a handful of shows, I made friends and memories that I am really thankful for, and I have this weird instant connection to complete strangers who also went to local shows growing up... there's something about it that is really worth the few dollars you spend picking up a ticket or a cd.

Basically, I just want to say: guys, get out there and experience whatever scene your life has dropped you by. There's something going on and you shouldn't miss out on it.

These 5 bands are bands that I have talked to the members of a handful of times, and they seem nice. Worthy of a fun little piece of artwork to spread the word. I'd like to do another series of these the next break I have from school. I figure if the bands would like, they could buy these designs from me for a cheaper price than I would normally sell for. That being said, I plan on setting up a page dedicated solely to this whole "HARDCOW"-design concept.

I tried to use lots of new color schemes and lots of overlays of photographs, as always. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Scene Project Process

One big thing that I have been really thinking about lately is the local music scene (as you can tell via previous posts involving cows and lyric videos). I decided to start a project before summer is over to show my support and spread the word. More details coming soon, but basically I will be doing the types of things I have been doing only dedicating them to local bands. If the bands want to buy the designs for stickers, posters, or tees, they are welcome to - but that's not the point. All of the ones I am featuring are ones with members I have personally talked to and connected with, and I want to give them something back to let them know they matter to me and I appreciate them doing what they are doing. Can't tell if I just got too intimate in this blog post, or if I am just too tired and burnt out of caffeine.

Anyways, I have 5 planned to make, and I will release them all at the same time as a special little thing. I really like this project and I can see myself doing something like this every year if not more frequently.

Also, here is my next lyric-inspired drawing. Another bit from Japanther. I am really excited about this one, and I feel weird with how much I kinda like it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Juiceboxx Process & Finale

I saw a show Wednesday, and I'd go so far to say that the co-headliner was the most punk-rock thing I'd ever experienced. Here we are with Juiceboxxx lyrics.

This time around, I vectorized in Illustrator, then didn't really come back to it, just making layers and layers in Photoshop. Textures include: a dog in a parking lot. A friend in front of a television. A football field at night. An entire marching band shoved into a dark room. And many more.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Self-Portrait #2

A new self-portrait! I have been in a sketching-mood lately - and, good news (well, for me to hear about my own self) - it's a sketchy-people mood. Once I feel more confident and comfortable, I plan on posting more of my people sketches online. The past few concerts I have been to (especially the last one) have had me encountering lots of characters - and I had an ephiphany: I need to sketch them, and I need to consistently sketch these characters of my life experiences. Now the trick is just getting used to sketching again, like the golden days. Better than the golden days.

When I added textures, here, I searched "tacky wallpaper" and "cotton candy" on google images. I look much too tan, but I was feeling ready to not care too much. It's stylized ! It's abstract ! It's not EXACTLY me. I also have many more eyelashes, for instance, in real life.

Bomb-Ass! Process and Finale

 This is one of those I had while I was waiting to fall asleep one night. I'll get these ideas and text them to myself just in case I forget them. It's corny, but it keeps me busy. I got to thinking about an adjective that I happen to always use (if not out-loud, constantly in my head), "bomb-ass". I am sure it's on urban dictionary, somewhere, if you aren't sure what it means. I thought about the literal reality of it, and how it definitely wouldn't be very "bomb-ass" if you had a "bomb-ass". So here's an adjective-turned noun. Just in case it didn't make sense, I slapped "bomb-ass" across the [it's too late now, I'm just going to say it] ass, and added a little bit of color/texture with my pen and a Copic marker. Afterwards, in photoshop, I added more color and amped up the texture. I'm happy with the way it came around!