Monday, August 20, 2012

Hardcow Series 1

Welcome to Harcow, Series I. I made 5 designs for 5 different local bands - for the hell of it. I believe in supporting fellow young artists in their attempts to go against the grain and run with what they love to do. We aren't much if we aren't in this together, and supporting one another - the music scene is a community that I feel a lot of people underestimate and look over. Growing up going to a handful of shows, I made friends and memories that I am really thankful for, and I have this weird instant connection to complete strangers who also went to local shows growing up... there's something about it that is really worth the few dollars you spend picking up a ticket or a cd.

Basically, I just want to say: guys, get out there and experience whatever scene your life has dropped you by. There's something going on and you shouldn't miss out on it.

These 5 bands are bands that I have talked to the members of a handful of times, and they seem nice. Worthy of a fun little piece of artwork to spread the word. I'd like to do another series of these the next break I have from school. I figure if the bands would like, they could buy these designs from me for a cheaper price than I would normally sell for. That being said, I plan on setting up a page dedicated solely to this whole "HARDCOW"-design concept.

I tried to use lots of new color schemes and lots of overlays of photographs, as always. Enjoy!

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