Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blind Beast

Had some fun today with a piece of copy paper, a pencil, a trusty Pilot Precise V7 Fine-tipped pen, and a quick pass in Photoshop (times like these make me realize how nice it will be to have a tablet again - can't wait for it to get here)! I am trying to push myself into using line-work other than thick-weighted outlines, which is why I tried to pull in extra details this time around.

The idea behind this piece is a take on the idea of people being incapable of "hearing you out" - because they are, for lack of a better word, blind. You could say that being blind can lead to some beastly consequences.

Character Sketches

Things are rolling along nicely this summer. I ordered a new Wacom Tablet today, and I am really looking forward to that showing up at my doorstep.

One of my summer goals is to keep a sketchbook handy at all times and to keep on drawing. Here's my first attempt at really getting around to filling up the pages of this sketchbook, starting with character sketches of a character I have always drawn.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Start

Summer is here, and I am having a blast with my spare time. Here's a graphic I composed with pen and paper, then pushed further on Illustrator. I love this process and aim to do more along these lines - I would be very interested in doing promotional pieces for events, such as music shows, in this format. For now, I am composing quoted lyrics from songs I enjoy - creating new audiences for these posts as they hit sites such as Here is the original scan and the finished Illustrator graphic:

Here's a piece I inked out tonight. The next step is to pull it into Illustrator and do a few tweaking via the pen tool (for example: the T's. They drove me nuts, looking first like stylized, backward J's, and now I see them looking like lowercase r's):

I have a handful of projects I am aiming to tackle this summer, including two [extra exciting projects] that will require me to replace my currently janky/scratched-up-&-un-working Bamboo tablet with a new one: thankfully, I started my first shift at my gas-station since winter break today. Until I get my tablet, I will be consistently posting more of these drawings as well as some sketches and comps, including a design that is going to be on tees, pizza boxes, and painted to a building (...for the gas-station). Here are sketches of my grandma that I did on mother's day:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sophomore Year Finals

Finals have wrapped up and I am all settled back into small-town, Ohio. The 133d Annual Student Show was fantastically inspiring; especially the Friday presentation for the Animation/Cinematic Arts pieces. I definitely see the direction I want to head in this summer and the upcoming year, and am really glad to see such great work from my classmates. All 20 seconds of my Animation 1 final played in the "Animation 1 Sample Clips" portion, and my Computer Animation and Video finals made it into the Kinney Hall TV-Screen gallery that will be playing on loop next year, which I am extremely happy about! My two video posters got printed and are hanging in a collage of 6 other posters in Canzani, and one of my photographs from the first Art and Tech project made it into the photo room in Kinney as well.

I updated the Sheep final with sounds - a quick fix that made a huge difference. I definitely be adding sound to all of my future animations.

This is my final for Computer Animation I - also with sound, which happens to be a "demo" track recording from an old keyboard that is my 90's gem. This animation was a very big trek and feat for myself... animating in Maya was incredibly different than animating in a 2D program. In the end, I learned so much information that I am sure I will be visiting again someday.

And, finally - this is my Video 1 Final Documentary: a documentary about the Fredonia Mall, the workplace I shall be returning to this summer.

Here are my two video posters that made it onto one of the many walls of the student gallery on campus:

And here is the photo that made it to the wall of the photography room: