Monday, May 14, 2012

Sophomore Year Finals

Finals have wrapped up and I am all settled back into small-town, Ohio. The 133d Annual Student Show was fantastically inspiring; especially the Friday presentation for the Animation/Cinematic Arts pieces. I definitely see the direction I want to head in this summer and the upcoming year, and am really glad to see such great work from my classmates. All 20 seconds of my Animation 1 final played in the "Animation 1 Sample Clips" portion, and my Computer Animation and Video finals made it into the Kinney Hall TV-Screen gallery that will be playing on loop next year, which I am extremely happy about! My two video posters got printed and are hanging in a collage of 6 other posters in Canzani, and one of my photographs from the first Art and Tech project made it into the photo room in Kinney as well.

I updated the Sheep final with sounds - a quick fix that made a huge difference. I definitely be adding sound to all of my future animations.

This is my final for Computer Animation I - also with sound, which happens to be a "demo" track recording from an old keyboard that is my 90's gem. This animation was a very big trek and feat for myself... animating in Maya was incredibly different than animating in a 2D program. In the end, I learned so much information that I am sure I will be visiting again someday.

And, finally - this is my Video 1 Final Documentary: a documentary about the Fredonia Mall, the workplace I shall be returning to this summer.

Here are my two video posters that made it onto one of the many walls of the student gallery on campus:

And here is the photo that made it to the wall of the photography room:

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