Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Start

Summer is here, and I am having a blast with my spare time. Here's a graphic I composed with pen and paper, then pushed further on Illustrator. I love this process and aim to do more along these lines - I would be very interested in doing promotional pieces for events, such as music shows, in this format. For now, I am composing quoted lyrics from songs I enjoy - creating new audiences for these posts as they hit sites such as tumblr.com. Here is the original scan and the finished Illustrator graphic:

Here's a piece I inked out tonight. The next step is to pull it into Illustrator and do a few tweaking via the pen tool (for example: the T's. They drove me nuts, looking first like stylized, backward J's, and now I see them looking like lowercase r's):

I have a handful of projects I am aiming to tackle this summer, including two [extra exciting projects] that will require me to replace my currently janky/scratched-up-&-un-working Bamboo tablet with a new one: thankfully, I started my first shift at my gas-station since winter break today. Until I get my tablet, I will be consistently posting more of these drawings as well as some sketches and comps, including a design that is going to be on tees, pizza boxes, and painted to a building (...for the gas-station). Here are sketches of my grandma that I did on mother's day:

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