Friday, September 19, 2014


In the midst of trying to finish an animation as fast as possible,
I bring you: a trailer for an animation that'll be here in less than a month:

Thanks Karl ( for the music (inspired by the best game of my childhood).
More TBA ;p


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Urban Scrawl 8

August 23rd and 24th made for a pretty cool weekend spent at Columbus's own Urban Scrawl 8. It's a two day event with live music and painting. Paintings all go to the benefit of the arts district and art programs around the area. My friend Ian was harping on me and my roommate Maxx to apply for canvases earlier this summer. A month later we were given big primed plywood canvases (4X8, 8X8). Here's a picture from Saturday night as well as Saturday afternoon, followed by what I ended up with and me being a terrible dork:

Wish I would have taken more photos - I only was able to catch a few of my friends by their pieces. I feel really fortunate to know a handful of people who want to and can make giant paintings with the sun beating down on them. Take a look at their websites, too:

Sam Thomas
(and Logan Schmitt's on the right!!