Monday, August 31, 2015

Urban Scrawl 9

Here's a ton of Photos from Urban Scrawl 9! It felt lucky that I was able to be a part of it two years in a row, and double lucky that I ended up painting beside my coworker and buddy from college. Not a bad weekend in the slightest. We were even in the shade!

This year was a lot larger than what I remembered the last being. The tent beside our paintings actually hosted an Arist Wrestling League where artists had to paint a crowd-chosen theme and won based on the crowd's decision. Sometimes, the winners got to smash a glass bottle over the head of the loser (that was okay though, promise).

A handful of friends, my dad, and a burst of heavy heavy rain showed up. All week (and all month) I slaved over wanting to think of an idea to paint. The only thing that I ended up thinking about was a kinda fucked up Mickey Mouse playing guitar. I patiently waited all week for another idea... to no avail. I tried and punch it up by adding a version of Donald, complete with a nipple, and a fat sausage-patty-shaped Pluto (though I made sure to write "PLANET" on his name tag instead).

The weekend was amazing and I will always recommend applying if you're an artist in the Columbus area. It's another reminder that Columbus has a rewarding arts community.

Chavilah and I

Oriana two times

My best buddies from high school showed up while I was caught wearing/getting paint on my authentic high school marching band cutoff.

 Tom Lynch / Cory and a friend we found


Me and my finished Disney cover band

Thom & friends 

Kilee, Logan, and one of the extremely talented teachers at CCAD - Hiroshi!

Lucie & Jake tag team madness

and finally... Pappa John and I.