Thursday, June 16, 2016

Space Zombies EP

After beating two dead horses together, YouTuber d00d Jarrod Alonge kept beating out more musical concepts. His fake bands lived on and gained more traction - before we knew it, he put out another album as his Pop-Punk moniker, Sunrise Skater Kids, AND announced that he'd be a Fearless Records Warped Tour Pit Reporter again... year #2 in a row! Here's where I had left him last time:

Being from Columbus, Ohio just like AMIDST THE GRAVE'S DEMONS, I was excited to break out all of the feelings I had conjured from old Warped Tours and free metalcore church concerts. If only I still had my old cool-girl TDWP shirt to aid me (ugh I gave it to Wes).

So Jarrod started by sending me these two THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA EP covers. Zombie and Space EP. Notice a coincidence? He even sent over a very helpful smash-up collage.

I promptly sprinkled alien zombies all over the place.

Jarrod wanted a spaceship. The instinct then was to slap him and a pet cat inside.
Eventually both cats!

The best of the zombie aliens made it to the next round:

Got cleaned up + scooted around a bit:

We dialed back some fog, changed up some grass, etc etc etc - and wound up at the finish.

As things wrapped up with the album cover, I thought it was time to call it a day. BUT WHAT IF - we make a mid-to-late-2000s bright colored, Hot Topic, scene-kid tee happen? Was I dreaming? I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any garments that fit the bill remaining in my closet... a few of which were made by my favorite Hot Topic aesthetic-mastermind designer/one of my main inspirations on my way into art school, Kyle Crawford/Electric Zombie-boy! I've been training my whole life for this moment!

Only requirements were: hey, let's use bright colors. The band name of course. And we need a large alien zombie monster puking just about everywhere. I wanted to throw his cats in again.

Took about 5 hours of grinding into the night/morning. You never know what you are capable of until you are literally drawing something fun + straight up your alley!

The best part of everything... I handed off a ton of vector pieces/alien zombie body parts to Jarrod via a hefty Google Drive folder to be used in a lyric video. A lyric video? With things I drew flying around in it here and there? Those videos are usually cheesy cheese, especially because they remind me about trying to learn how to animate in Flash by making lyric videos for local bands. When I finally mustered up the courage to listen to the single and watch the animation, I wanted to pick up all of the change of the floor. Pretty slick. My alien babies were doin great (thanks to this guy), destroying everything in their wake. Especially toward the end...

That's a wrap! Thanks for looking! You can grab the EP + tee + poster combo, or at the least go feel out all your metalcore dreams on Spotify or somethin.