Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jarrod Alonge

July '13 I came across a video that I thought was brilliant - Every Metalcore Vocalist. I never thought I'd have one of those moments where I feel more like the target audience. It was sent around to my friends, especially those who I remember spending late teenage hours drinking Rockstar energy and watching videos along the same vein with.

At the time, I was a month away from finishing an animation about a cow hardcore dancing. I was poking fun at the same demographic. I took this as a weird sign from the scene kid gods and gave the guy a shoutout.

Now it's 2015 and Jarrod Alonge's YouTube channel has over 115,000 subscribers. He kept making videos, notably expanding on the "Every ____ Vocalist" series, to the point of creating 7 parody bands/an Indiegogo campaign for an album that shot $5,500 over it's $12,500 goal!

He came to me to illustrate the album art with the idea of "Beating a Dead Horse". Don't let Peta know, but we essentially wanted a photo of him beating up a horse with all his band names tattooed all over it. Here's some of my sketches and an early comp:

After some polishing and revisions, here's a screenshot of what we ended up with:

Couldn't be more stoked to have worked with Jarrod. As a teenager, I religiously watched Warped Tour Pit-Blog videos every summer (where a cool guy or gal basically totes a camera all around every date of Warped Tour and captures tons of little moments of fans/bands/shenanigans, vlog-style). Just a week after the album art was posted, he announced that he was going to be a Warped Tour pit reporter this summer and I couldn't be more happy for the guy. Check out his stuff if you're any bit of an ex-Alternative Press subscriber like me.

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