Monday, January 28, 2013

Experimental Animation Project 1: "Bomb Nom"

First project in experimental Animation. It involved the blood sweat and tears of a few black pens, as well as the assistance of a few good friends, Portofino's Pizza, and lots of Post-Its being rubbed all over a cheese pizza to the point where the pizza became pretty dry. Also, proof that college students will eat anything... after filming, we donated a piece to about everyone we could find.

Nutrition, repetition, consumption, gluttony and grease. All in 42 seconds and with some piano.

Animation III In-Class and Roughed Mickey

In-Class drawings from a Daffy/Porky short, and a rough timing exercise for Animation III. We were given all of these Mickey conducting keys (Symphony Hour) and were told to utilize arcs in the hands as well as get creative with our timings and in-betweens. Song credit = NOFX's "All Outta Angst"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Space Puppy Sketches/Research

In-the-works 2-3 minute storyboard/animatic for Layout and Timing.
I am going to push this into a senior thesis film for next year!

Week 1 Note-Sketches & More

A week in notes... mostly in sketches. Classmates, teachers, and dragons.
The first week was an incredibly rewarding week back. It's not going to be easy, but I am determined for it to be worth it. In other news, I am learning After-Effects. Here's an in-class demo we did with a few random images. It's a tad bit silly but was lots of fun to show up Thursday! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Break Pt2: Character Study-Palooza

This break I made it a point to try and take a few days where I would just sit down and draw the same character as many times as I could. I decided to focus on characters I thought I already had put together fairly well from my childhood/early years as an artist - it was such a neat process to tap back into them again and push them further than I ever thought I would. The most interesting and rewarding thing was the fact that sketching them in this fashion really helped me see as more of a feasible, concrete characters that I can imagine with much more clarity. I came to new conclusions: the kitten with the laser cannon on his tail - his tail could be long enough for him to hold so he could aim his laser cannon. The cute creepy thing with the mask - why is he wearing a mask? Maybe he is actually a hideous freak with lots of lots of teeth? 

I also started drawing the Hardcow again, at the end of break - and this has continued into this first week of school. More big sketch posts of lots of cows/barnyard friends (for Animation III) and Space Puppies (for Layout and Timing) are on their way!

Winter Break Sketches Pt1: Face Studies & More

Here's a generous amount of various sketches from this past break from school. Most of them are from various Facebook friend pictures, some are from, a few others are from life, and a few are straight from my weird brain. I was getting inspired by clicking around the internet to a few really cool artists, notably Sam McKenzie ( and the way he draws the face/figure. Also, I think my love for coloring in noses and ears is getting serious.

The break has been really nice, and now that school is back in session, I am definitely appreciating all that time I had to not do homework per se, and all the time I had to sleep... here's, though, to a new year, and many more sketchbook posts. Especially now that I no longer have Cafe Sketch class (