Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Break Pt2: Character Study-Palooza

This break I made it a point to try and take a few days where I would just sit down and draw the same character as many times as I could. I decided to focus on characters I thought I already had put together fairly well from my childhood/early years as an artist - it was such a neat process to tap back into them again and push them further than I ever thought I would. The most interesting and rewarding thing was the fact that sketching them in this fashion really helped me see as more of a feasible, concrete characters that I can imagine with much more clarity. I came to new conclusions: the kitten with the laser cannon on his tail - his tail could be long enough for him to hold so he could aim his laser cannon. The cute creepy thing with the mask - why is he wearing a mask? Maybe he is actually a hideous freak with lots of lots of teeth? 

I also started drawing the Hardcow again, at the end of break - and this has continued into this first week of school. More big sketch posts of lots of cows/barnyard friends (for Animation III) and Space Puppies (for Layout and Timing) are on their way!

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