Monday, February 16, 2015

Everyone Hates Blogger

Yet I am still here posting and things like that. What am I doing?

Here are the past 3 design challenges I've done at s77 (rando word combos drawn from a hat)(filthy bear, street addicted, and illegal bonsai) ^

Some thumbnail sketches that led to some band fliers
(original artwork for the Fireworks spin-off I made by Michael Burdick/ ^

and some sketches that led to this thing

more tbaa, catch ya on the flipside blogger

Sketchbook Retirement/Nonstop Feelings

I invite you to slow down your browser with me and my unnecessary blog post today.
Here's some sketch pages from an airport, watching Jeff Goldblum do some jazz, visiting LA for Animation Breakdown!, a David O' Reilly talk, visiting Chicago for the first time, going to some shows, and sitting around aimlessly scratching at paper.

Also thanks for the snazzy stickers ADHD, Wormhole Coffeeshop, Gerard Way, my brother and Plank's Pizza.