Monday, March 26, 2012

Figure Drawing Homework

Our assignment in Figure Drawing was to abstract a life-drawing we did in class. We were allowed to use any medium or direction we'd like. I chose to push the form graphically with sharp, clean inked lines, finishing with bright layers of colors via Prismacolor markers - something I have never tried before. Using markers was intimidating as well as fun - I really like the way the flat colors worked with my flat graphic. I have never drawn the human figure in this style (let alone the nude figure), and I was glad I had the opportunity to do so!

Monday, March 19, 2012


I went to staples and bought some nice new pens today - to celebrate, I drew a weird self-portrait... and honestly, I think that it's fitting. My shoes, my hat, my earrings and my old drink of choice. A mix of the Sarah Schmidt who was really beginning to get excited about art and the current Sarah Schmidt who is still excited about art. After coloring it on Illustrator, I decided that I would wrap it up into my banner - to maybe offer my blog's visitors some tasteful, twisted, consistent oddity. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Over winter break, I made it to make a drawing everyday. Now that it's spring break, I'd like to keep up the tradition. Here is a post with a reference to a strange song that is always stuck in my head - oddly, an old U2 song I used to think was cool. I kept in the tradition of the stylized creature with text across the face - this time pushing more text throughout the body. I think this style would work really well in a poster or advertisement for something - I was (and still am) really inspired by the visiting artist CCAD pulled together last week, Brian Ewing.

Double Portraits

My "book" project for Art and Tech. I ended up taking "school-pictures" of a handful of my friends, and then doing line work-portraits afterwards. In the book itself, clear polyester was put between the two portraits to give viewers the chance to take an expo marker and draw their own interpretation of the subject. The polyester not only allowed the viewer to give the pages their own spin, but it also reflected the line work as well as the viewer themselves onto the image - showing the imaginative character that existed because of the real-life person as well as the viewer who can possibly see themselves or people they know in the subject before them.

The theme I had in mind for the project itself was a manifestation of character, and how I am thankful and happy to be surrounded by so many supportive, interesting, and inspiring characters every day. Everyone is their own unique character - love them, hate them, whatever you will - and life wouldn't be nearly as interesting without them in the script.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Blogger

Hello,! My name is Sarah Schmidt, and I have been wanting to settle down and create a blog that I will consistently update and use above all the others. I have had a handful of Blogger-pages in the past, and I have also given Wordpress a try - needless to say, I am coming back to blogger to stay. I am in the process of figuring out how to transfer older posts to this blog page - but until then, here is an update. I will be updating with completed works as well as sketches, and I plan on creating a layout design, banner, and avatar to get me on the right track. I would like to thank the wonderful group I am a part of at Columbus College of Art and Design - The Animation Student Collective - for really inspiring and encouraging me (and many others) to get blogging. Thanks guys!