Sunday, March 18, 2012

Double Portraits

My "book" project for Art and Tech. I ended up taking "school-pictures" of a handful of my friends, and then doing line work-portraits afterwards. In the book itself, clear polyester was put between the two portraits to give viewers the chance to take an expo marker and draw their own interpretation of the subject. The polyester not only allowed the viewer to give the pages their own spin, but it also reflected the line work as well as the viewer themselves onto the image - showing the imaginative character that existed because of the real-life person as well as the viewer who can possibly see themselves or people they know in the subject before them.

The theme I had in mind for the project itself was a manifestation of character, and how I am thankful and happy to be surrounded by so many supportive, interesting, and inspiring characters every day. Everyone is their own unique character - love them, hate them, whatever you will - and life wouldn't be nearly as interesting without them in the script.

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  1. These are fantastic! I've been looking for other art/cartoon blogs to follow and I'm definitely following this one :) I love your style!