Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Fling III

Cleveland Ohio has hosted some great bands at a now annual Spring Fling fest. I had the opportunity to make the show poster this year. My super talented buddy Karl took one of my doodles to make a crispy cool logo and I slapped on the rest.

The first announcement went a little something like this, with two hooligan birds hanging out:

A week later they announced more bands with:

Soon the whole shebang was out of the bag:

I love this kind of stuff, and especially love the excuse to draw silly birds in coats. I traced photos of Ohio bird heads and gave them all happy little coats and things. What started as an idea for a little zine that would be handed out at the show ended up as announcements to be shared on all the band's pages to promote the show. One of the bands, Bare Walls, even liked it enough to make some stickers.


Magazines ran the ad, the zines were printed, shirts were made, and it all happened:


This project was a new opportunity that was definitely a push out of my usual comfort zone. At the end of the day, the feeling of working on illustrations that were shown by tons of bands I listen to (for example, I am a huge stupid fan of Four Year Strong and Turnstile) was super surreal. Just a friendly reminder that if you really stick with what you like, you never know how it might end up paying off!

Dark dark video of one of the coolest sets of the night,

I managed to capture it raining paper plates on TSSF.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Made these fliers for bands I REALLY, REALLY LOVE. I was stalking Noun's Facebook for tours and eventually saw them post about how they were looking for people to help book them between certain dates. I attacked my friends at BravoArtist and a few months later, I am sitting here way too excited to see them. The flier is based off this image I dug out of Google. One of their songs is about dogs.

I like A Lot Like Birds a lot, and last year I almost did a flier for a show they were set to headline. Things didn't work out last year but fortunately ended up working out this year. There was a quick turnaround for this, so I spent a few hours after work pulling this together.

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