Friday, August 3, 2012

Self-Portrait #2

A new self-portrait! I have been in a sketching-mood lately - and, good news (well, for me to hear about my own self) - it's a sketchy-people mood. Once I feel more confident and comfortable, I plan on posting more of my people sketches online. The past few concerts I have been to (especially the last one) have had me encountering lots of characters - and I had an ephiphany: I need to sketch them, and I need to consistently sketch these characters of my life experiences. Now the trick is just getting used to sketching again, like the golden days. Better than the golden days.

When I added textures, here, I searched "tacky wallpaper" and "cotton candy" on google images. I look much too tan, but I was feeling ready to not care too much. It's stylized ! It's abstract ! It's not EXACTLY me. I also have many more eyelashes, for instance, in real life.

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