Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Scene Project Process

One big thing that I have been really thinking about lately is the local music scene (as you can tell via previous posts involving cows and lyric videos). I decided to start a project before summer is over to show my support and spread the word. More details coming soon, but basically I will be doing the types of things I have been doing only dedicating them to local bands. If the bands want to buy the designs for stickers, posters, or tees, they are welcome to - but that's not the point. All of the ones I am featuring are ones with members I have personally talked to and connected with, and I want to give them something back to let them know they matter to me and I appreciate them doing what they are doing. Can't tell if I just got too intimate in this blog post, or if I am just too tired and burnt out of caffeine.

Anyways, I have 5 planned to make, and I will release them all at the same time as a special little thing. I really like this project and I can see myself doing something like this every year if not more frequently.

Also, here is my next lyric-inspired drawing. Another bit from Japanther. I am really excited about this one, and I feel weird with how much I kinda like it.

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