Friday, August 3, 2012

Bomb-Ass! Process and Finale

 This is one of those I had while I was waiting to fall asleep one night. I'll get these ideas and text them to myself just in case I forget them. It's corny, but it keeps me busy. I got to thinking about an adjective that I happen to always use (if not out-loud, constantly in my head), "bomb-ass". I am sure it's on urban dictionary, somewhere, if you aren't sure what it means. I thought about the literal reality of it, and how it definitely wouldn't be very "bomb-ass" if you had a "bomb-ass". So here's an adjective-turned noun. Just in case it didn't make sense, I slapped "bomb-ass" across the [it's too late now, I'm just going to say it] ass, and added a little bit of color/texture with my pen and a Copic marker. Afterwards, in photoshop, I added more color and amped up the texture. I'm happy with the way it came around!

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