Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day #5: Columbus Commons


  1. I love your characters, they are are so full of life. great gestures and proportion sizes. maybe just draw a little darker? maybe the scanner was light, but there a little hard to see.

  2. Sarah,
    The amount of character diversity here is wonderful... please keep it up. While I enjoy seeing all of the partial drawings, if you could space these out on a couple more pages, we could see more of the complete thought in each of your more finished gestures.
    Where you have finished the drawing and made bolder, more definitive marks, the idea comes across really well.
    My biggest comment is to be careful about not reining back in these beautifully drawn loose initial gestures. On page 2, the line that defines the back of the crouched little boy against the curved lines of the pants is a wonderful example of how that juxtaposition makes a convincing form and cohesive drawing.
    Great use of the hands and arms to show more expression and psychology in the subjects.

    Keep it up!