Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Illustration: Sketchbook and Finished Projects

Here's a happy little glowing bunny I painted with acrylics for an exercise in my Illustration class. My color theme was analogous, and why'd I chose a jackrabbit? he can become a Jackelope. All in good time.

Today, I made lots of scans I've been putting off. Here's a big update for things in my Illustration class that I have been working on: the bi-weekely sketchbook assignments.

Also, here's the first two watercolor/colored pencil assignments (1 exterior, 1 exterior) from this class. The critiques went very well, and I definitely learned a lot. If I ever have time, I would love to re-vist these digitally and take all of the advice my professor and my classmates gave me.

A "Deep Jungle" and a "Dragon's Lair" based off of prompts that were given in class.
My line-art and value study for the jungle can be found here.
And here's the line-art and value study that I made for the dragon piece:

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