Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day #9: Various/Make-Up Monday

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  1. Sarah,
    Overall, I like all of these pages - I would ask that you try not to pile too many drawings up on a single page. Space them out a little more. You don't offer the viewer a chance to see the negative space or context of the gesture.
    All of these have varying degrees of success and your silhouettes are really strong. Please continue to look to more dynamic poses, as you are here.
    2 of my favorite drawings in all of this are the seated female on page 1, just to the right of the large drawing. They are very articulate and have a great sense of form and detail, without being too overdone. The more gestural, cartoonish drawings are nice, too, but try to give them a little more active intent when developing them - they seem like you start them, then lose interest. I may be wrong, but I think more focus on these really loose, gestural poses would help them.