Sunday, April 15, 2012

Warped Tour Poster Contest

My final project in Illustrator Graphics is to design a music poster - and I have had my eye on this Warped Tour Contest for a few weeks now. The prize is $500 and two tickets to the show, so I talked to my teacher and got enough motivation to really pull something together this weekend, before the deadline of the contest. I sketched the thing Friday night and just completed it a few hours ago (Sunday night/early Monday morning). I had lots of fun making it and actually ended up learning much more about the program that I realized I would. I hope that with a few critiques and modifications I can wrap this up into a nice finished piece for the student show!

The only requirements for the contest were some size and color restrictions, and to play off of the theme, "Music makes the world new". The theme of the festival this year is the Mayan Calendar - which is why I chose to make a beastly creature with a head-dress, and why I threw in a stylized piece of "ancient art" in the background. I put the coyote-cow in space with a guitar, to signify the fact that he is a rockstar-god of the universe, breathing/singing life onto the planet Earth.

My entry can be found/voted for here:

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