Saturday, November 24, 2012

Illustration Band Project Process

As we round the corner to finals this semester, our Illustration class is tackling a big month-long project involving an imaginary band. We drew a genre out of a hat, and then went to a random band-name generator to create our "client" (without choice - emphasizing, "you don't usually get to pick your clients). I got "indie" and "Careless Motel".

First we did a collection and handful of thumbnails for a logo - then we narrowed those down into 6 black and white examples. Next, we tackle the idea of a t-shirt design - I have three ideas down, an intricately structural drawing of a motel, a more graphic motel-sign, and a very random one (not complete yet). I went to town on the motel sketch as well as the one that isn't pictured, but I kept fumbling over and over with the sign sketch (below) - I'm totally fine with it, since I am thinking of making the design more shape-based and simplistic.

We also had to write a "buyer description" - that was fun! I named him Winston Lindenberry.

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