Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Facebook Sketches

Being on break is fun. Drawing for fun is fun. Drawing for fun...?!?!?!
I clicked around Facebook and realized how great of a tool it can be for drawing.
Here's the best from what I did today:

Wondering if I should just post these (and many more to come!) on the blog from my Cafe Sketch class... ah, well. I plan on keeping up with this, drawing friend after friend. When I felt too weird just picking friends to draw... I would have some system, say, the first person that comes up on my newsfeed, I'd use one of their photos for reference, and then I'd click on a "like"or comment from there to find a new subject, and so on. 

I'd say the point of doing these would be to get better at capturing character, making caricatures - I've noticed that in my Cafe Sketch class, I wanted to add more personality to my life sketches. I figure this would be a good exercise to start digging up some of that personality!

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