Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall '16 Update City

It has been a long time since a blog post of any kind - just before my last one I tried to make a "here are all the things I gotta catch up with" post... and I haven't! Here's a personal list of things made but currently floating in the ether.

- 5+ sketchbooks, started and more or less finished
- Gig poster stuff: Bravo Calendar, Into It. Over It., Museum Mouth, Pup, Alex G, Ne-Hi, Joyce Manor, Autowreck, Opposite Sex, Mal Blum. Gig poster feature in local paper!
- Jukebox Breakdown content: new poster for Cleveland. Two friends got tattoos of my characters!
- Animation Block Party drawing & favorites from the show
- Viceland Party Legends animation assist gig
- Bilmuri animated music video

and a bunch from the workplace:
- Synapse & Puma
- Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley
- Big Max & Century Resources
- Christmas & Easter
- Mozilla, Huffy, etc.

and some things coming in the near future:
- "Loud Conversations" show next Friday, Oct. 14. Same weekend as Cartoon Crossroads Columbus!
- Sad Boyz content: 2 months worth of GIFs, Spooky Boyz Halloween special.
- Going to start the third Angst Shorts animation!
- Fingers crossed on pulling together on a little project pitch. And a zine to match.

Stay tuned imaginary blogger friends! :)

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