Sunday, November 13, 2016

Summer Gig Posters

To start off the master post of things I made from April to October, I wanted to share this fun little thing: I was featured in our local paper beside the likes of some serious poster artists. I'm practically nothing but a newbie compared to some of these folks. Take a look at the silly pose I ended up making:

Here's one of my first ideas for making a quick gif out of a poster design. I wanted to do something really simple as a first test - the lineup itself was already pretty sick:

Next I made this for my new FAVORITE band Museum Mouth. A chunk of references to their new album - Popcorn Fish Guinea Pig - and their song Incubus Tattoo. I actually originally messed up and assumed guinea pigs had tails... thankfully someone on Tumblr corrected me.

They liked the animation so much that I ended up being asked to animate one of their tee designs. My brain at the time probably looked a lot like this happy little flappy brain:

My friend Brian asked me to help out and make a flier for one of the shows he was booking, too. Ended up getting the idea of a surfing Ice Cream Cone from my friend Varun in Indigo Wild:

Next was a set of calendars I made for BravoArtist in Columbus and Cleveland. We smacked em up around town and started a little trend of artists making these for a few months. We're still working out some kinks in the idea, but I can't wait to keep working on a little something similar for next year.

Anyways I loved the idea of drawing the personification of Black Cat fireworks... especially leading up to a stressful election season.

Next is for a band I dig a bunches and couldn't believe I had the chance to make a poster for. Though I promised a friend I would resist drawing a dog... I totally drew a dog. I tried to draw a seal pup on their album's couch... but I got distracted by how silly this article was (and loving to draw dogs).

Okay here was a show I was also ultra excited about WITH an already awesome tour admat by Elliot Bech. I animated some eyeballs loopin around the head he designed:

Next I was commissioned by someone in an internet friends's band, Sly Moth! To make a poster/gif combo for a show in BROOKLYN! How tight! The only requirement was to involve things the headliner, Autowreck, love such as motorcycles:

Next is a super fun GIF that I made based off of my art crush Evan Wolff's poster design (he's mentioned in the article above... and has made tons of posters all around town for the past handful of years). He is also in Pretty Pretty and he gave me one of those on stage shout outs for making this little thing. 😳

Here's a quick one for my close buddies's FIRST show!
They looked just like Three's Company, so honestly I essentially traced Three's Company and turned them into a couple hip alien roommates.

Speaking of photos I ripped off, I needed to make a flier for Mal Blum. I had seen them a year ago (dressed as Harry Potter!) and vowed to make something for whatever show happened next. Audrey there in the middle commented how the prior event photo was perfect... so I spun straight off of that.

The Mal Blum show & hangs = PERFECT/so fun. These all were. Seeya again soon for more! :)

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