Sunday, June 30, 2013

Selfie Sunday #1: High School Sarah

Last Sunday, I did a small photoshop sketch - it was refreshing to take a break from more underdeveloped sketching and animating. I decided: why not do something every Sunday?
I also decided: why not play up that obnoxious Instagram hashtag, #selfiesunday? So here is the first of many more this month: say hello to high-school senior Sarah. It's been awhile.


Senior year of high school, my small-town, public district decided to implement a dress code. I wore band buttons and got my gauges to size 0, I got in trouble with a pink streak in my black/white hair, I wore tight black pants with a studded belt and converse shoes... of course. Oh, the "scene" days of seventeen. At least I kept it classy with some Arizona tea almost all of the time.

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