Sunday, October 6, 2013

This Week In Ketchup

This Week In Ketchup: a weekly recap of life. By weekly, I mean, I did a similar thing last week.

This week was full of paper-writing, finishing a sketchbook, visiting with family, and signing up for my final college courses. Craziness.

I drew lots of hands for Character Design class, where I discovered the amazing Nightmares Fear Factory Flickr. Just in time for Halloween!

I had my Hardcow featured in the first of many iterations of Rad Fortress Showcase. I also got to show the piece to a bunch of prospective-student parents, which I hope didn't upset them too much.

I also made a fun little gif and animated a bit for the next Rad Fortress cartoon.

 What else? Well, I made thumbnailed, quick storyboards for Portfolio class (new post soon). I realized what my final project in interactive design is going to be, and I started doodling/drawing my Youtube friend, Jarrod Alonge. More finished stuff in the works, I do promise!

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