Saturday, February 1, 2014

Animals and Aliens!

Happy February!

Let's see how consistently I can post this month. A post a week? Yeah, let's do that.

A lot has happened this week, but on the lighter half, I made some doodles of animals as a way to brainstorm for a class project. Also, I made an alien and started animating my thesis (below).

This week, I unearthed some of these character designs to throw together into one image for an application to a career fair. I also came to the conclusion of a masterful pun for him… he is Man-Bat.

For next week, I've got a gig poster due, a little something for Unsigned Ohio, and a thumb nailed storyboard for class.

Busing around Columbus for internshippin' has been fun. I made it into a picture!

Buff Cat is almost there!

Here's some links that I have recommend from the week:

- A very insightful blog post for animators
A very compelling story about the Grammys and a much loved game
The saddest penguin on Youtube

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