Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tine for Valentimes

Happy Valentines
(or, well, Happy Post-Valentines)

This week meant a few things. Finishing my first project at my new internship, punching together the Cat-Cartoon I've been working on with friends, and hitting up a much-needed bar show. That's love.

Cat-Cartoon? It's almost here.

I took a Valentines-Break to draw a little something. It's been a good while. There are some things I'd like to fix at a second pass - the puppy ear, the missing necklace pieces - but that's besides the point. It comes from listening to two songs and thinking about how obnoxious puppy-love can be.

Weekly Fun Readings [for me and] for you:
- Kim Gordon: Life After Sonic Youth
- Sriracha Hot Sauce Catches Fire With Only One Rooster
- Interview with New Found Glory
- Mossless in America: Morgan Ashcom
Ellen Page Comes Out as Gay: 'I am Tired of Lying by Omission'
- Why Fads Fade: The Inevitable Death of Flappy Bird

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