Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sketchbook Retirement/Natty Daddies

Another sketch dump gallery. This set is extra fun because it involves tons of musical ladies! Girl Power is rad! I also managed to draw one of my favorite songwriters since the days of Limewire. There are a handful of drawings in here that I did not take the time to revisit as usual. Feeling finished with a drawing as soon as it hits the page still feels rare, but some sketches in here make me feel like the slow improvement.

End of the Ocean:

^ The stereo upstairs at this venue was playing an Elton John cd that night; it skipped toward the end of Saturday Night's Alright (for Fighting) so literally the "Saturday" jam continued for over 20 minutes at least. An hour?

Everyone Leaves:

Noble Vices:

My buddies ! Sleepover:




Sparkly guitars!!


Andrew McMahon:

Have loved his music projects since he was in Something Corporate. This year was the 10th anniversary of this album he made as Jack's Mannequin - an absolute favorite album of mine. I had a close friend working the stage he played at the "Fashion Meets Music Festival" and I was allowed to be between the crowd and the stage. I couldn't get too close, though, and was getting some unwanted attention from the security who was concerned about how I didn't have a photo/press pass, but was drawing. Rebel feelin'.

I was crying and singing all of the words to all his songs the whole time


Puppy drawing credit goes to my boyfriend

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