Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sketchbook Retirement/Cool Noise Bro

Here's the last of the six small life drawing sketchbooks I scanned from the summer-fall.
Looking back, it's been quite a ride from start to finish. There's a sketchbook that was started in February that has been on the back burner - and two more sketchbooks after those - in progress. 

This last booklet might be my favorite of the set. Less time was spent "fixing" the drawings because the line slowly got more confident. Huzzah for learning. And Happy almost New Year!


A quote from a show that I drew at the very end of this sketchbook:

Random drawing of Things Fall Apart:

Drunk selfie:

Polyphia, being sparkly with their musicianship!:

"Age 21 and Heavy Drinkers" actual thing I heard someone mention about them:

Someone asked me this at the bar:

Customer and bartender realize they were friends in high school:

My take on why there was a few cool kids missing from the show:

Smash up drawing of ERRA:

Guy watching and later clapping: 

My favorite drawing of ERRA:

The Browning going to TOWN being SO FUN TO DRAW:

Lots of quotes needed to be written down from the set:

Just a disclaimer they didn't say they were The Brownies:
Also Being as An Ocean:

These past six were a fun way to keep track of personal progress in life drawing after school. I will post a follow up to all of these soon! :) Thanks for sticking around everybody.

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