Sunday, January 17, 2016

January-February Gig Fliers

Free Throw's show had me super pumped. Knowing of a few friends who really liked them, I wanted to do something special. My friend Nick ran into me at a show not long after returning from Fest - they mentioned hanging out with the band while they were down there. I asked them what the poster should look like for their Columbus show. They instantly said, "Hotline Bling... and Pokemon." "Put Ash's face on Drake's body." And when I asked them which Pokemon to include... they didn't hesitate to say Pidgey. I scoped their Instagram and understood a little bit of why. Voila!

Wanted a quickly made look for this poster, so I totally was tracing Pidgey, Drake, and Ash. I hand-did the type in a sketchbook page and slapped it into Photoshop. The only downside of the haste was this incredible tangent I ended with, which haunts me. But not enough to change it after the fact.

Can you find the evil tangent?????????????????

This poster was requested by my buddies in the Wind and the Sea - after making their flier for a show a year ago, which one of the bands even made screen prints of! One night a week or so after I finished it, I ran into one of them. He happened to let me know that his bandmate and him have had a photo archive of dead birds going on for a good amount of years - they found this drowning bird fitting.

Last year's flier had a whale in the sky, so I wanted to make this year's about a flying animal underwater. The color scheme of last year was derived from the lemonade cups they squeeze out at fairgrounds (mostly because their was a band on the bill called 'Lemon Sky'). This year was an homage to my favorite soda as a kid... Welch's Sparkling Grape.


This poster right here is honestly my poster to end all posters. This is my favorite band of all time. As terrible and miss-matched my music taste is, The Queers reign as my favorite. The demographic they speak to may not be I, the high-schooler blasting a $2 copy of Love Songs for the Retarded 15 years after it's pressing. Or me and my best friend who got matching Felix the Cat tattoos in their honor after finally seeing them three times. Maybe their demographic isn't the type of person to go to a bar that doesn't allow mosh-pits!

But god dammit I was so excited to see this show posted, and my friend booking it - when he asked if I'd like to make a flier, I was beside myself! This is a dream flier! The window of time I had to make it was short - it was the holidays and I had done most of the flier on an airplane - and I didn't want to look like a POSER spending too much time on the piece. So here it is. There's a Kobo Live reference (the venue that existed in place before the current venue took over), references to a few of their songs, their label, and even a reference to a book of the similar band vein I'm currently almost finished reading (Weasels in a Box):

More posters on the way for next time. Shout out to the promoter buddies who made the shows (and a bunch more) happen here in sunny Columbus, Ohio:


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