Monday, December 30, 2013

Not Dead/Rad Gif Party

Happy Late Christmas
& Early New Year!

Great news, even though I haven't been posting much - I am not dead. I have been sleeping lots, cleaning lots, and working on a cartoon for Rad Fortress. Be excited - it's about a cat.

I have also been getting some thesis work done. I started a specific tumblr where I will be keeping track of my progress. I have a finished animatic SWF file, but I have to get it into After Effects so that I can upload it.

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(aka, "MySpace Puppy")
I'm going to start posting resources and links toward the end of a weekly blog post. This will be a grab bag of stories I found interesting, websites my friends have updated, great animations, etc. Here we go:

  1. Something inspiring? Chris Oatley, my portfolio professor this past semester, posted a new podcast around Christmas. It's great for any creative looking for a pick-me-up. Some friends and I ran into him at Dirty Franks, and he says he's aiming to do two of these a month.
  2. A Shout-Out? My talented roommate - fashion designer Ryun Harrison - just launched his website. Fling a hit his way - we are cheap college students who try and think of creative Christmas present, including a shout-out on a blog spot blog. 
  3. Something Useful? Here's a link to some great brushes from Character Designer Shaun Bryant. Check out his work while you're at it!
  4. Something Random? One of my old favorite bands, Less Than Jake, released a music video this month which included tons of cameos from lots of other bands that they are friends with. It made me really happy and reminded me why I love this kind of stuff in the first place.
Sketch & finished New Years GIF of the 2013 meme-star, Doge.

 An elfie posing for a selfie, and an owl bear being very happy.
 Punk Couch Spaceship.

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