Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Viktor the Vegan Vampire Bat

Here's to the most fun I have ever had in Character Design class! This was our final project for the semester. We had to take a character, new or old, and explore them very thoroughly. We needed to make an inspiration board, make variations, do turn-arounds and gestures - the whole nine yards. Here is what I managed to do with my character from the beginning of the semester, Viktor the Bat.

It was fun doing this character because, quite frankly, I imagined him to be a sleepy guy who works his butt off for his job anyways/because he has to. Can you say: all of us this finals-season?

Viktor was a vampire in college, but due to his expanding mind and evolving mental capacity, he decided to drop the whole "sucking blood" thing commit to a vegan diet. He would stay up late in college by secretly transforming himself into a nocturnal vampire-bat to pull all-nighters. His great college career led to a great, high position at an office. When Viktor needed to pull an after-hours late night job, he morphed back into bat form. To his demise, he woke up to an office full of confused co-workers: his veganism had inhibited his powers to turn back into a vampire-human!

Now Viktor enjoys the office life tirelessly as he doesn't know how to properly sleep anymore. This is good, because he has to work extra hours in order to keep from being fired (until, that is, he wins the hearts of his coworkers).

Viktor is addicted to coffee. If he has more than one cup, he is officially awake. If he has more than 2 cups, he becomes a hyper-active version of his former self. Insanity ensues.

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