Saturday, May 17, 2014

Space Puppy (In-Space)

A year ago, I finished my junior year at CCAD with one of my finals, from Layout and Timing class, looking like this:

The summer came around and I carefully revised thumbnails. I kept drawing dozens and dozens of puppies and kitties in space helmets to prepare for senior year. In the fall, I punched up my new thumbnails into digital storyboards. Over winter break, the storyboards and keys were timed out. My friend Kevin busted out the backgrounds. By spring break, rough animation was finished. I was done the first week of May. The place I just got hired on at let me use their sound library and microphone. I made lots of alien screeches and whatnot.

There were some little slaps-to-the-face here and there, but I got done. There was flak from from the start - but it was definitely outweighed by supportive friends, family, and faculty. Basically, all I'd like to say is that if the internet finds you here today reading this ranty little post, take it as some inspiration to shut up and go do what you want to do with your time. Whether it be kill 1000 aliens, finish a short film, or write a kinda tacky blog post, who cares! You can do it.

Here's a picture of me after working over a year on one idea:
Think "top-dog", "underdog", and "pussy":
Space Puppy (In Space):

Space Puppy (In Space):

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