Saturday, May 17, 2014

Whoops I Graduated

hi blog

Haven't posted jack-anything in awhile. Here's to finally graduating college, finishing a 3-something minute animation, and starting a full-time where I was once interning. No complaints. I met some seriously talented artists over the past four years - not to mention handfuls of amazing people I can call my friends.

My goal, after this week, is to post once a week.

This one's about side-projects.

A month ago, I posted a flyer for a show that I pulled together. I'm happy to say that this is probably the last time I will ever miss being present at one of these gigs - no mas colegio.

I had to add a headliner - so I popped some heads off. Two more flyers are underway.

(aw yea,  quarter prints)

Also, here's some Rad Fortress gifs I worked on. More on the way (and hopefully some new toons).

(look mom)

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