Thursday, November 5, 2015



As I was gearing up to start posting some new sketchbook scans online, I took a look and realized SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since the last post in August! Lots of updates are due since I feel a strange obligation to smack stuff up online. I'm guessing I have just kept myself busy with silly things I have been longing to do - I read a book, busted out projects at work, got acclimated to my new apartment, and went drinking at concerts. Here's a list of some blogposts on my to-do list:

- 6 sketchbooks
- Warped Tour map from Alternative Press's annual program
- Jarrod Alonge's Redux of his album
- Show posters from the last few months (Microwave, Cayetana, The Fall of Troy, Tigers Jaw, Man Overboard, a benefit show in Cleveland, I Set My Friends On Fire, and some more that will be done before the weekend)
- Tee I designed for my local hardcore buddies, Headrush
- Miscellaneous projects from work/s77 (t-shirt, .gifs, animations, oh man)

More otw ~ 👻

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