Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sketchbook Retirement/Dave Island

Here's another finished up skechybook. This one includes a handful of concert and bar doodles, including one of my friend who is a barista at my favorite coffee shop by day and a bartender at the bar that hosts tons of the shows by night. We asked for long islands, and by the time he had a few milliliters left in our glasses, he realized he forgot to add anything besides a little ice and a lot of alcohol. He gently added some coke for color. The taste was so unreal and unpalatable that I had to draw a picture of it in here and dedicate this sketchbook to his noble efforts.

Turnover sticker/the best album sticker

Sketching at Mahall's because their bartender had a very ska hat and an Iggy Pop shirt.

A few bands from the From Another Planet album release show / Siege the Gates

Shores of Elysium / he was bleeding from his face

Happy bands Sunrise Reset & Jackson Scott

The amazing All Dogs featuring the most fun hair to draw Maryn Jones

coffee shop and puppies

the legend himself

Hawthorne Heights and their lyrics

From Autumn to Ashes boys JAMMIN OUT


Cory tried to color and I tried to fix it and

post show Skully's bar people

double selfie

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