Monday, November 23, 2015

Sketchbook Retirement/Cry Like a Beagle

Another stint of drawings. I am pumped with how these ones turned out. A lot of extras were added when I went back through them, including my favorite overkill of Cherry Chrome at the end.

Like Moths to Flames/Northlane show:

Cherry Chrome & Teratogen

Often after trying to observation draw I feel burnt out and left with a lot of sloppy sketches that don't look put together or readable. With downtime, I have been coming back with colors and more ink to give the sloppy doodles new life. If I find that a page was skipped, there's a chance to test out what I am essentially practicing. I was mad I didn't get a good drawing during Cherry Chrome's set - so I had the perfect opportunity to revisit the characters and get a drawing I liked!

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