Sunday, September 29, 2013


Eep! It's been a few weeks since I've posted. Things have gotten busy, but busy is good! Here's a rundown as well as a dump of images that have been part of the business.

I'll be updating a few times here in the next few days to feel properly caught up. For instance, I had this awesome time at CCAD's Comics Mix Symposium this weekend... I took lots of notes.

Portfolio class is super fun and also super challenging. I have been making up thumbnailed stories and posting some responses to assignments on my class blog.

I got tickets to CTNX. Plane tickets, too.
Is this real life?

 I have done lots of sketching in my sketchbook, in Photoshop... mostly for Character Design class (which I have been keeping updated consistently on my blog for the class).

I have also done lots of sketches... which could be considered doodles... for fun/sanity purposes.

I got some footing on my thesis project, which will soon have a process blog of it's own.

I have been making some GIFs for Rad Fortress.

I've also been eating lots of vegetables.

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