Sunday, September 1, 2013

Space Puppy Thumbnail Revamp

This first week of school was seriously fantastic. Character Design is my new favorite class, I couldn't be more excited about Porfolio, and I should be brewing up something fun in Interactive Design... this year should be fun!

This week I had the chance to talk to my Animation II, III and now Character Design professor about these new thumbnail boards I worked on the last few weeks of summer (after I finished Hardcow).  I did my best to really think some things I'd overlooked through as far as continuity of shots and layouts, but my teacher was able to point out some issues I'd missed even after this new pass.

For anyone who doesn't want to know the ending, obviously, beware of the spoilers (I'm looking at you, mom)!

Some of the critiques I got were to watch the battle flow continuity from left to right. I got some pointers about keeping the ship's crash in the beginning more funny/realistic by having the duo fall down and have all of their ship be upside-down, changing the shot when the alien wave is revealed, adding a POV shot of the puppy zapping the aliens, adding a scary mouth shot of the boss, adding more funny cat things and lots of more places to add anticipation. After some more thumbnails, I will be ready to do some full-scaled layouts and get some backgrounds brewing. I hope to have a finished animatic on it's way (here's my old one)(here are my initial thumbnails)!

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