Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Buck Up Cancer! Process II

Further progress on the project. I have been really trying to stay true to my style whilst using the pen tool - I think that it's working. In order to amp it up a bit more, I think I'll be pushing more bold outlines in different areas (like I have in my sketch). I will be using the knife tool to slice in some new colors - shades, highlights - tomorrow, as well as talking to the local print shop and seeing what we can do. I threw these colors together on a whim, not sure how I like them. The most fun part about this last installment was exporting two separate layers and opening them in photoshop, then doodling my little "people" who are rooting for the buck and holding the sign up. They stressed me out horribly for a few minutes until I remembered that Adobe doesn't want me to do everything on one program.

Today I also got a surge of inspiration regarding an idea I have had in my mind for a long time now. I am hoping I can put some serious effort behind the push for it in the near future. Get ready.

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