Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hardcow Process II

Today I pushed this a bit harder, with blends, textures, the draw inside option, and opacity levels. My favorite bit would be the plugs - that's a map of Ohio, folks. I think I want to call this done - And I might be slightly worried I already over did it - but I am not sure. I just really want to order it on a tank top via I plan on either taking the texture out of the ears, or adding more texture to the cow itself. Afterwards I might add some "dirt" to the overall design, to give it the worn/vintage feel that everyone (including myself) seems to dig. Also, I have to decide what to do with that text. I think where it is at is the best place to have it - though I am really conscious of the tangent on the top right of Ohio. I might tip the Ohio-outline more to the right.

A few hours in, I added some irises to see what they'd look like - and behold: instant Disney.

The only thing is - despite the smirkingly-serious appeal I want with this design, I really love those Disney eyes. A lot. The inner character-designer/lover in me has a deep need for them.

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