Friday, July 20, 2012

Hardcow Process I

Finally taking a serious slap at an idea that has been floating through my thoughts and my sketchbook for what feels like more than one year. The idea is that local art and local music, as well as any other passion that anyone has and is in pursuit of - should be celebrated and supported, especially by the community surrounding it. Everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone who's anywhere started somewhere: what are we without our roots?

This design is meant to commemorate and raise awareness of local art forms. Why not go out to a show, why not get to know people - make the most of where you are/whatever community you were born into. Being in Ohio, sometimes we might feel like we're all just cows surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans. But we aren't just any cows. We're hardcow cows. ... haha, puns.

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