Monday, May 13, 2013

Lottery Roulette GIF/VIDEO

Here's a .gif I made for Experimental Animation class! These are ticket book fronts from The Ohio Lottery. My family owns a small gas station/convenience store out in the middle of central Ohio - at the beginning of the semester, my mom gave me a whole slab of these, saying maybe I could find a use for them. I ended up scanning each individual card three times: once flat, once slightly crumpled, and once (after 'weathering' them with water and sunlight). I used a few scans to 'wipe' the card across the screen to add a different type of strobe effect. 

The concept revolves around the cycle of money associated with lottery. Have worked at a store that sells lottery, I have handed over countless tickets to countless customers: some dedicated regulars, some desperate trash-pickers, some high spenders, and some just looking for a quick jab at 'luck'. Though it can be completely argued that the lottery is a waste of time and money, it's funny when you contrast that fact to the fact that lottery tickets bring in lots of money and support to small businesses. It's also funny when you consider how many tickets come in a book, and the fact that they are all worth $1-20 - that adds up! The money that is given back to a community in kind of twisted little way is compelling - I wanted to highlight the cycle. Money is frivolously spent, intently spent, and desperately spent on lottery tickets: then, once in a while, the money is given back: someone wins. The spending continues. The business is able to stay afloat and continue to serve it's customers. Everybody wins. Upon talking to my mom recently, I heard we hit our biggest winner yet.

Here's a quick, trippy video-version I slapped up on Vimeo:

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