Monday, May 13, 2013

Finals! Summer! Hooray!

Haven't updated with proper gusto in awhile - a lot has happened in the past month. Namely, finals. But it's finally over! Summer is finally setting in. Some big things that happened, that I need to put up some posts about:

- Updated Experimental Animation Cat Project, a final project gif/video
- Handful of passes of animatic for Layout and Timing Class/"Space Puppy"
- Handful of passes for Animation III/"Hardcow"
- Rigged Character for Animation III
- Finished/Updated project for Motion Graphics, Demo Reel for Motion Graphics
- "Forthmade" t-shirt screen-printing experience

In the meantime, here is a gif experiment I made in class a few weeks ago of my friend Jeff Ockerse ( He and I collaborated on a magazine cut-out animation a few months go (, and it actually got recognized in the CCAD 134th Annual Student Exhibition.

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